An association starting small with the founding of the fraternity N.E.D the Mandeville in 1989, blossomed in 25 years to a well known association of more than 900 members with an active core of around 90 members. The associations combines cosy informal activities for students with formal activities.

The 24th november 1989 seven first year students Policy sciences where invited by prof. dr. A. Knoester to establish an economic faculty fraternity. The year 1989/1990 was the first academic year of this faculty.  In several weeks they thought of a name, a fraternity cafĂ© was found, charters where established and the first activity was organized. The name of the faculty fraternity was N.E.D. De Mandeville. N.E.D. represents Nijmegen economic fraternity and the fraternity cafe was Vivaldi’s, located at the Waalkade. The fraternity had around 35 members at its largest. One of the most important activities organized by the fraternity was a forum about company’s and environment after 1992, with members of the dutch parliament and the board of Akzo Nobel speaking. Thereby there was a presentation of prof. dr. A. Knoester and an excursie to the stock exchange in Amsterdam.

With the foundation of N.E.D. De Mandeville, there was no distinction between formal and informal activities. Because of this design, at the and of the year, there was only a small friends club and the fraternity bled to death. Therefore the ESV, Economic Student Association was established in 1990, where a clear structure was chosen. The 9th of April in 1990 the statutes of the N.E.D. De Mandeville were lifted with the notary and the ESV was born. De Mandeville persisted within the association as a discussion group for economic topics.  Shortly after this Pecunia Causa was established; an investment club for ESV-members. Later from this group there resulted an investment club called B&R and the Nijmegen stock competition was organized. The ESV is founded as a study association for all students economy at the Radboud University. The name of the study association is a reference to the fraternity N.E.D De Mandeville.

It’s good to know for todays members, but also for alumni, is that at that time Bussiness Economics was officialy part of the applied economy department. Under supervision of prof. dr. Dijksma